Taxi Driver CPC Periodic Training


Northern Ireland’s Taxi driver periodic training aims to raise the standards in the industry by developing the current skills of taxi drivers.  From the 1st September 2016, Taxi drivers renewing their Taxi Driving Licence will be required to have completed 7 hours periodic training in order to renew their taxi driving licence. Drivers who obtained their taxi driving licence on or after 1st September 2015 must complete a minimum of 35 hours’ periodic training every five years.

How much Periodic Training do drivers require?

Taxi Drivers License Expires Hours of Periodic Training Required
1 st Sept 2015 – 31 st Aug 2016 None
1 st Sept 2016 – 31 st Aug 2017 7 Hours
1 st Sept 2017 – 31 st Aug 2018 14 Hours
1 st Sept 2018 – 31 st Aug 2019 21 Hours
1 st Sept 2019 – 31 st Aug 2020 28 Hours
1 st Sept 2020 onwards (Must be done within 5 years) 35 Hours


As a JAUPT-approved centre we are able to deliver the following TDPT courses

Subjects within the module. The Law, Legal Responsibilities, The deadly workplace, Fact and figures, Health and well being, Driving for a living, Diet, Short term / long term, Driving Distractions, Effects of Alcohol – Smoking – Drugs & Driving, Fatigue / Stress, Physical Health and Vulnerable Road Users. 

To help develop an understanding of who disabled people are, an understanding of discrimination, an understanding of the Disability Discrimination Act. And promote broader issues of equality and explain the benefits of making your taxi service accessible.