Periodic CPC


CERTAD has been working within the logistics sector for almost 40 years and has seen many changes as has most within the industry. The biggest change over in recent years being the introduction of Driver CPC.

When to take training

Your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualification lasts for 5 years. To keep your Driver CPC you need to do 35 hours of training before your 5-year deadline.
The deadline to do your training is shown on your card.

It’s up to you when you take the training courses, as long as you do them within the 5-year period.

You can check how many hours of training you’ve done in the current 5-year period.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality training nationwide by professional trainers with interactive courses.

To help you we have a range of modular courses and full seven hour approved through JAUPT.

We can also deliver a wide range of Periodic CPC courses as we work collaboratively with other CPC providers, if there is a specific course you may require please do not hesitate to contact us.


Modular Courses

The modular courses are all 3.5hrs each we believe this gives the employer and the employee a selection to choose from, enabling both to focus on areas which may need to be improved upon.

The aim of this session is to introduce / Confirm Drivers’ Hours and WTD legislation it will also help you to understand how Drivers’ Hours and Working Time Directive Regulations affect a drivers working hours.
The aim is to ensure drivers are aware of their responsibilities and best practice with regards to loading, securing and unloading of goods and materials.


The aim is to increase knowledge of the effects of fatigue, drugs, alcohol and other external factors on a driver’s ability to work effectively and within the law.
Specifically designed for all employees to help raise their awareness of the risks associated with unsafe manual handling practices. It is also ideal for those who might have to carry out manual handling as part of their job such as handling deliveries, parcels and boxes.

7 hour courses.

To provide up to date legislative information on Health and Safety in the Transport (LGV and PCV) Workplace and to help Drivers recognise risks and hazards to enable them to safe guard themselves, their passengers and other road users.
The aim of this course, is to enhance and assist both LGV and PCV drivers identify the many types of vulnerable road users, to develop a positive attitude and improve road safety for all.
To provide up to date legislative information on Close Quarter Manoeuvring within a company or 3rd party premises for LGV and PCV drivers. Max 6 drivers
First AidThe objective of the course is to benefit the drivers by enabling them to attain the knowledge and practical competencies needed to deal with a range of emergency first aid situations.